The Wonderful World of Lennon.

This blog is about my son Lennon, the little boy that changed my life forever. And a celebration of the 10 years of his life. The good, the bad and the totally amazing. Because that’s Lennon – totally amazing!

Life took an unexpected turn when Lennon sadly died on August 3rd 2017. I write about my grief journey and how our family copes without Lennon.


Lennon, Isla and Florence ❤️

Lennon is the eldest of my 3 children. His sisters Isla Ruby Lily, 10 and Florence Ivy 5, both still love him dearly. They talk about Lennon everyday and he is still very much part of all our lives. Lennon adored his sisters, especially when they were being loud and crazy! (Which is most of the time.)

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BAPS Award 2018 ‘Newcomer’.

BAPS Award 2018 finalist in 2 categories – ‘Blog post that made the biggest impact’ and ‘Newcomer’.

Swan UK blogger

Selfish Mother blogger

Firefly Community blogger

Save Nascot Lawn campaigner

I am communications officer and parent representative for our local Parent Carer forum and also give talks for our local carers charity.

I also campaign for disabled children with The Disabled Children’s Partnership and for Children’s palliative care with Together for Short Lives.


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